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Here's a fraction of what you'll learn...
  •  What to do if you are brand new and don’t know anything about real estate. Page 12 
  • Why you should skip “Flipping” single family houses and go straight to multi-family Page 19
  •  How to pick the real estate markets you should invest in even if you know nothing about real estate…step by step instructions with websites, scripts, and tools to use! Pages 28-36 
  •  How to get seller’s calling you! Pages 37-39 
  •  The truth about how to work with brokers and sellers so that you sound and look like a seasoned professional. Page 40 
  •  Learn how to structure a deal so you receive BIG Acquisition Fees when you close on the property! Page 23 
  •  You have your own money, Right? WRONG! Where I found the money I needed to purchase my first property! Pages 46-47 
  •  Learn what to say to private money investors to gain their attention! Page 48 
  •  I walk you through property acquisitions step by step so that you can duplicate my success. Pages 45, 64, 83 
  •  I show you ACTUAL, REAL LIFE, PROPERTIES that look good on paper but are really terrible so that you can avoid costly mistakes! Pages 83-86 
  •  Say goodbye to dealing with Termites, Toilets, and Tenants, I show you where to find quality property managers! Page 43 
  •  Discover how to vet property managers so you can find the best person because not all property managers are the same! Pages 79-81 
  •  The best way to manage the property manager so you can maximize your returns! Page 82 
  •  I’ll even walk you through the mistakes that I have made and how you can avoid them! Pages 21, 45, 49, 51, 72 
  •  What your next 30 days should look like and what to do step by step. Pages 79-90 
  •  Learn how to purchase an apartment complex…everything from A-Z so that you can create passive income and quit your day job! 

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